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Get Rich Quick with Canned Pumpkin!

Canned pumpkin, the base ingredient in many delectable Thanksgiving holiday treats, is in short supply. As such, this is not only a good time to buy the supplies you need for your own pumpkin pie, this represents a rare opportunity to do get rich. Just buy low, sell high.


Trader Joe’s Inspires Tribute Commercials, Cookbooks & Fan Clubs — A Chain Grocer’s Abnormal Appeal

467,484 views on YouTube — and counting — can’t be wrong. The video in question? “If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe’s,” a love letter of sorts to, of all things, a chain grocery store. Surprising? Hardly, when you consider that the store in question is a quirky, friendly, and low-priced option that has penetrated the lifestyles and psyches of Californians for generations.