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Dish-Interested: Why I Love Sarah Palin

There are plenty of reasons to hate Sarah Palin: She’s hokey, inarticulate, whiny, incurious and provincial — a quitter who’s prone to blaming others for her own missteps. But so far as many are concerned, hating Sarah has become the new national pastime.


Fox Fact and Faux

CAUTION! You are about to read an opinion-based column about Fox News Channel’s opinion-based reporting. While many political commentators have said the Obama Administration should “take the moral high ground,” and appear on Fox News, I respectfully disagree.


Politics and the Power of Ignorance

Today, more than ever, ignorance is far from bliss. Whether it’s been the debate over health care reform; or claims that America is now living under socialism, those who are the most ignorant are the most dangerous. Commentary on the increasing culture of disrespect surrounding American politics.