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Featured Artist: The Pom Poms

Please allow us to present out latest Featured Artist — and our first musical one — the Pom Poms, a band comprising Rob Kuznia (vocals and guitar), Edgar Oliveira (drums) and Shane McKillop (bass). Three tracks are available for your download after the jump.


Revolution Redux: Beatles Mania is Back

“Here, There and Everywhere.”

That’s the title of one of The Beatles’ most poignant songs, but it’s also an apt description of September 2009. It might as well have been 1963, because the Fab Four invaded again and Beatles Mania could be found everywhere.


Kanye West Needs a Taylor SWIFT Kick in the Ass

Kanye in a nutshell: He creates plain red shoes for Louis Vuitton and he’s considered a visionary. Why? For knowing his primary colors? The more he fusses with his image, the douchier he becomes. Oh, by the way, his new haircut resembles crop circles and it’s not unique, it’s stupid. The guy is just one giant toolshed and it’s sad that he’s oblivious to it.