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The Decade In Music

A sign of the decade just passed, compiling a ‘best of’ list sends one delving into blogs, social networking sites and music magazines to remind of the great music the aughties had to offer. Here are 100 great albums and 15 great soundtracks from the 2000s.


The Decade in Movies

Looking over this ‘Best of the Decade’ list, I can’t help but offer a caveat — while this is a great bunch of movies, it still pales in comparison with the cinematic renaissance of the 1990s, when independent filmmaking breathed new life into the industry. That said, everything here is worth discovering.


THE DECADE IN REVIEW: A list of lists to come

best of 2000s lists

The close of an era — such as this decade, the Aughts, the 00s or whatever the hell we’re calling it — leads to an irresistible temptation to reflect and rank. With the Internet, everyone now has the opportunity to do what only cultural critics and commentators were able to do in the past: Codify their favorites movies, songs, books, etc., into a treatise of their taste for anyone anywhere to digest.


Featured Artist: The Pom Poms

Please allow us to present out latest Featured Artist — and our first musical one — the Pom Poms, a band comprising Rob Kuznia (vocals and guitar), Edgar Oliveira (drums) and Shane McKillop (bass). Three tracks are available for your download after the jump.


2010 Grammy Nominations Kick Off Awards Season

Are you feeling something special in the air? It’s that most magical, wonderful time of the year — Awards Season: when the rich and famous take some time away from shopping for gifts to pick up gift baskets backstage and hand each other honors onstage. Enter the 2010 Grammy Nominations.