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The Decade in Television

This decade brought us programming on the small screen that rivaled or surpassed what you could see on the big screen — all in the comfort of your own home and with no additional cost beyond your cable bill.


THE DECADE IN REVIEW: A list of lists to come

best of 2000s lists

The close of an era — such as this decade, the Aughts, the 00s or whatever the hell we’re calling it — leads to an irresistible temptation to reflect and rank. With the Internet, everyone now has the opportunity to do what only cultural critics and commentators were able to do in the past: Codify their favorites movies, songs, books, etc., into a treatise of their taste for anyone anywhere to digest.


Fox Fact and Faux

CAUTION! You are about to read an opinion-based column about Fox News Channel’s opinion-based reporting. While many political commentators have said the Obama Administration should “take the moral high ground,” and appear on Fox News, I respectfully disagree.