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A Roundup of Silly, Ill-Conceived Mascots

In honor of Uncle O’Grimacey, my favorite stereotype-based mascot, I’d like to present a selection of other mascots, equally or more ill-conceived, albeit representing products that are significantly less interesting or delicious than a yearly visit from the Shamrock Shake.


McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap: What’s the Flap?

McDonald's NewMac Snack Wrap

McDonald’s snack wrap line, comprising tortilla-wrapped chicken in various sauces, has proven profitable and popular enough that the company has now introduced its first beef offering: the Mac Snack Wrap. Indeed, a Big Mac smushed into a tortilla. We tried it . . . so you don’t have to.


McDonald’s McCafe Mocha

Love them or hate them, McDonald’s promotions worm their way into the consumer consciousness in a way that other corporations can’t come close to. Even the spectacular failures, like McDLT, are never forgotten. The point: not much from the Arches is forgettable. However, its latest promotion earns that rare distinction.