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Dish-Interested: Meal-Ticket Baby Mania!

Kate Gosselin and Octomom have dominated the celebrity gossip pages with fertile wombs and questionable appearances. But less attention has been given to the Star F*cker, the unsung hero who quietly looks to screw the right star at the right time, and win the meal-ticket baby lottery.


Dish-Interested: Searching for the Next Train Wreck

The goss hasn’t been the same lately. Truthfully, it hasn’t been the same for a long while. This goes beyond the standard summer slowdown and indicates a deeper, more troubling phenomenon plaguing the celebrity world. It hurts to even say it, but the truth is that celebrity gossip has gotten boring.


Jon and Kate + H8

When TLC, known for its voyeuristic “reality” television, emerged with a new show in 2006, couch potatoes everywhere rejoiced. Jon and Kate Gosselin were just like you, and we had a great villain in Mady. But the fun, the laughter, the drinking games, screeched to a halt all too soon.