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…But We Keep It All Inside

Early in U.S. History, synagogues were designed to look like other civic buildings. If you passed by a synagogue, you might think you were strolling past a bank. Maybe that has a similar root cause to why Jews tend to decorate the interior of their homes for the holidays; rarely the exterior.

Gift Guide 2: Even Giftier


As the holiday season shifts into high gear, you may find yourself with more people to give gifts to than you previously thought. No fear. Here’s part II of our gift guide, which focuses on more sweet stuff.

Holiday Gift Ideas We Like


Rather than focus on the latest, we’re recommending stuff that we, or some of our favorite people, are passionate about. Whether you want to borrow some of these ideas for your own holiday gift giving, or these suggestions simply stoke your creative juices, we hope you enjoy. Part 1 of 2.

Real News for April Fool’s Day


Every day, companies and organizations announce new products, initiatives, innovations, and positions. With so much information zooming around the news networks, the Internet, and the blogosphere, there are enough odd or questionable stories that you don’t even need to make stuff up for April Fool’s Day.

Beaujolais Nouveau Beckons

It’s easy to get caught up in all the pre-Thanksgiving hype, but it’d be a shame to lose sight of another very special Thursday in November. There’s about to be the annual mad rush for Beaujolais Nouveau, that young, red French wine. This coming Thursday, Nov. 19, is this year’s release date.

Honoring Our Veterans

For those who have served and continue to do so: we appreciate your time, sacrifice, and service, and wish everyone currently deployed a safe and speedy return home.

Thanksgiving Meal Planning: Never Too Early to Start


Thanksgiving, like all holiday dinners, has its defining dishes. On Thursday, Nov. 26, American families will be consuming turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and, inevitably, something involving cranberries. There’s nothing wrong with tradition–but it’s easy to insert a few new side dishes to spice it up.