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…But We Keep It All Inside

Early in U.S. History, synagogues were designed to look like other civic buildings. If you passed by a synagogue, you might think you were strolling past a bank. Maybe that has a similar root cause to why Jews tend to decorate the interior of their homes for the holidays; rarely the exterior.


Pretentious Artists: Behind the Beret

Flaming Lips, painting

Ok I’ll admit that even I sometimes grow weary of the angst and philosophizing that is often associated with being an artist. All of that introspection can get exhausting after a while. And the wine hangovers from all of the gallery exhibitions? Those are the worst.


In a Girl’s Life, Boobs Are Big, Part II: Boobs on the Move

The breast cancer walk. I knew I’d have to sign up or I’d never be able to show my face without looking like a fool. After all, I’d talked a good game. When September rolled around, it was time to get serious. I mean, really, what would we wear? We’d have to coordinate outfits. That’s what girls do when they’re doing something IMPORTANT.