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No Thank You, Thank You and Sorry

Imagine someone on the highway cuts you off without signaling. Now imagine the non-signaler who cut you off flashes a bright red “SORRY” sign from his back window, like the one seen here. Recipe for aggression?


Gavin Newsom Needs Help Picking a Logo?

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has taken to crowd-sourcing to pick a logo for his 2010 California gubernatorial campaign. His Web site is hosting a “Campaign Logo Contest” with the top vote getter earning the honor. Doesn’t this just smack of Katie Couric’s call for help in picking a “sign-off phrase”? Ugh!


Politics and the Power of Ignorance

Today, more than ever, ignorance is far from bliss. Whether it’s been the debate over health care reform; or claims that America is now living under socialism, those who are the most ignorant are the most dangerous. Commentary on the increasing culture of disrespect surrounding American politics.