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Real News for April Fool’s Day


Every day, companies and organizations announce new products, initiatives, innovations, and positions. With so much information zooming around the news networks, the Internet, and the blogosphere, there are enough odd or questionable stories that you don’t even need to make stuff up for April Fool’s Day.


Talking ‘Insane Coffee’ with Spro’s Jay Caragay

The menu at Spro Hampden for 'Friends and Family Night'. Photo courtesy Jay Caragay (http://onocoffee.blogspot.com/)

Spro Coffee has just opened in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. The establishment will be serving coffee in an unmatched array of methods. It’s the vision of proprietor, Jay Caragay, who’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur, as well as as a nuanced thinker with interesting views about where coffee is headed.


Jobs Full of Awesome: Interview with a Coffee Scientist

Of all the cool-sounding jobs in the world that I am woefully under-qualified for, “coffee scientist” might be my favorite. And, turns out, it’s a real gig. Joseph A. Rivera is the founder of a company called Coffee Chemistry, which was launched in 2004 “as the coffee industry’s leading information portal for all aspects on coffee science, chemistry & technology.”