Zacapa XO: Delicious, Sure

Zacapa XO Rum

Zacapa XO rum is good. Very good. But I’m not sure I’ll ever have occasion to drink it again. Premium quality, it seems, merits premium pricing. Go figure.


Thanksgiving’s Transforming Traditions

It’s a dilemma facing families who hold the holiday precious: how do you make each Thanksgiving better than the last without violating what people know and love? And what can take the place of a treasured recipe or practice that,…


Ed Piskor Talks Comics

Ed Piskor’s recently finished the online version of his 400+ page graphic novel, Wizzywig, which will soon be given the collected treatment by Top Shelf. Wizzywig is the story of Kevin Phenicle, aka “Boingthump,” a phone phreaker/hacker during the early days of high-tech computing who is sort of a pastiche of several real-life individuals.