Reading into Dreams: The Annotated Sandman

The flip side of an annotation is that the focus is taken off the art and put on to the process and the surrounding ephemera. Seeing some of how the sausage is made, as it were. In some cases it informs wonderfully; at other times it’s akin to academic droning.


Elway’s Colossal Choke

Damn you, John Elway. You blew it. Choked. Fumbled in the Red Zone. You abandoned Tim Tebow, a rising football star, a cash-cow machine, and potential franchise player, for the hope of a quick Super Bowl trophy. What’s wrong with you?


The Secret World of Arrietty Bears Mark of Miyazaki

Movie Review, The Secret World of Arrietty

It’s a sad fact that one day, we will live in a world without Hayao Miyazaki actively making movies. What we have in The Secret World of Arrietty is perhaps the next best thing to a film directed by Miyazaki. It’s a film written by Miyazaki and to some extent “planned” by him.