Pretentious Artists: Behind the Beret

Flaming Lips, painting

Ok I’ll admit that even I sometimes grow weary of the angst and philosophizing that is often associated with being an artist. All of that introspection can get exhausting after a while. And the wine hangovers from all of the gallery exhibitions? Those are the worst.


WAV: a Solution to the Artist’s Condition

Many talented artists spend their careers struggling with overpriced gallery space, shortage of funds, and lack of recognition. Enter the Working Artists Ventura, or WAV — a work/live space for artists who need affordable housing and studio space to display their work.


Off the Racks: ‘Minty’ Fresh

While surfing the Web for comics, I ended up at the Secret Acres Web site. “What’s this?” I asked, “Talking fruit working in an office?” I was immediately hooked by their painfully awkward moments and realistic humor. And thus began my affair with Melanie “Minty” Lewis.