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The Cocktail Glossary

Like any specialized hobby, cocktail-crafting and drinking comes with its own special language and terminology. Here are some of the basics that can make you look suave at the bar . . . or at least not like a neophyte.


Cocktail Primer: Essential Cocktail Books

Once you start to become a real cocktail enthusiast, you will want to make drinks for yourself. For that, you’ll have to learn how to make them. For essential tips and tricks, here are some invaluable resources: several books that can help you appreciate the art of crafting a cocktail.


Get Rich Quick with Canned Pumpkin!

Canned pumpkin, the base ingredient in many delectable Thanksgiving holiday treats, is in short supply. As such, this is not only a good time to buy the supplies you need for your own pumpkin pie, this represents a rare opportunity to do get rich. Just buy low, sell high.


Beaujolais Nouveau Beckons

It’s easy to get caught up in all the pre-Thanksgiving hype, but it’d be a shame to lose sight of another very special Thursday in November. There’s about to be the annual mad rush for Beaujolais Nouveau, that young, red French wine. This coming Thursday, Nov. 19, is this year’s release date.