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Cold & Flu Symptom Relief: The Neti Pot?

People seeking relief from cold and flu symptoms often seem to be stuck between equally unattractive choices of popping yet another expensive pill or seeking some unverified, “all-natural,” (placebo) cure. But sometimes even kooky cures make sense. Enter the Neti Pot.


Stevia: Coming Soon to a Coffee Cup Near You?

The face of sweeteners is changing rapidly. And never mind things that are just plain wrong, like Splenda with Fiber. Apparently, it’s a natural option, stevia, that could be the real future of non-sugar sweeteners. But can a sweetener known for bitterness and odd flavoring really be that popular?


McDonald’s McCafe Mocha

Love them or hate them, McDonald’s promotions worm their way into the consumer consciousness in a way that other corporations can’t come close to. Even the spectacular failures, like McDLT, are never forgotten. The point: not much from the Arches is forgettable. However, its latest promotion earns that rare distinction.