Category: Santa Barbara

Cups of Joe or Frozen Treats, Twin Cups Aims for Fresh, Healthy, and Quick

At Twin Cups, simplicity seems to be the running theme. The new coffee and frozen yogurt kiosk, at 5329 Calle Real, just off the Patterson exit, provides what owner Nathan Carey calls “stop and go” service. He aims to keep things simple and efficient for staff and customers, with two main products to choose from, streamlined preparation procedures, and a freeway-adjacent location.

Rori’s Artisanal Creamery: Tantalizing Innovation

What happens when an accomplished chef—a cookbook author, food columnist for national magazines, and well known food stylist—decides to turn her critical eye to America’s favorite frozen dessert? Rori Trovato, who launched Santa Barbara-based Rori’s Artisanal Creamery last December, has the scoop.

Suite Arrival’s Founder Huge Booster for Business–and Not Just His Own

Suite Arrival, Michael Lewis’ burgeoning business, aims to replace the hassle of packing for trips (whether business or leisure) with the convenience — and pleasure — of having custom-prepped kits containing toiletries, beauty products, and even snacks waiting for the traveler on arrival at his or her hotel. A “sweet arrival” indeed . . . and an experience that Lewis insists carries a huge emotional tie-in.

No Day of Rest for GirlSunday Designs; Making Lunches a Little Greener

Anyone with an Internet connection can find Santa Barbara’s Susan Torrey and her venture, GirlSunday Designs. Torrey’s Etsy store opens her to a consumer base beyond Santa Barbara, and increases the viability of what is currently a part-time, home-based business. But for those who’d prefer to observe the quality of GirlSunday’s handcrafted, kid- and family-focused products up close, they can certainly do so locally.