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Pole Dancing with Pasch Bodies

Perhaps it’s like a dojo where you show your skill level with the height of your heels and the amount of skin you bare. In the realm of pole dancing as exercise, heels and bare skin are far more than a fashion preference.

Ultimate Bagels’ Alex Weinstein Looks Back After First Year in Biz

Next Thursday, November 11, represents two important anniversaries for Alex Weinstein. Not only is it his 25th birthday, but it’s the one-year anniversary of when he opened Ultimate Bagels for business. While turning 25 is certainly a significant event, successfully opening and keeping a business going on ever-shifting State Street is a milestone in its own right.

Heeluxe’s Dr. Geoffrey Gray Brings Science to Foot Fashion

A doctor of physical therapy (DPT), Geoffrey Gray, spends most of his daytime hours at either the Elite Performance and Rehabilitation Center or the Peak Performance Project. But the UCSB alumnus has also made the time to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. He’s leveraged his expertise and passion for understanding the way the foot works to dismiss the notion that fashion and pain must be one in the same. Enter his company, Heeluxe, which makes inserts for women’s high-heeled shoes.

Oreana Winery: Christian Garvin’s Path to the Urban Wine Trail

It’s the daily challenges of entrepreneurship that keep Christian Garvin fired up about his business, downtown’s Oreana winery (205 Anacapa St.). At one moment, he’s breaking apart a wooden crate to fashion a makeshift leg so the new (used) dishwasher can be installed. The same night, he could be pouring at a high-end restaurant, showcasing his wines for the culinary elite.