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Welcome to EmiTown; Emi Lenox talks Comics

Emi Lenox’s EMITOWN ( is a sketch diary in which she drew pages daily, taken from her life for the whole world to see. A printed version of EmiTown–a huge 400 pager from Image Comics–hits stores in November. Emi was gracious enough to talk with us about it.


Still Punk at Heart–Dale Stewart of Capitol Punishment

Dale Stewart, formerly of Capitol Punishment

Dale Stewart was a founding member of the seminal Fresno hardcore punk band Capitol Punishment, which started up in 1981, played through many changes and lineups, and finally called it quits in 1995. We talk to Dale about 1980s hardcore punk, the changing music scene, and the music and new projects.


Pretentious Artists: Behind the Beret

Flaming Lips, painting

Ok I’ll admit that even I sometimes grow weary of the angst and philosophizing that is often associated with being an artist. All of that introspection can get exhausting after a while. And the wine hangovers from all of the gallery exhibitions? Those are the worst.