Author: Alisa Averbukh

Kanye West Needs a Taylor SWIFT Kick in the Ass

Kanye in a nutshell: He creates plain red shoes for Louis Vuitton and he’s considered a visionary. Why? For knowing his primary colors? The more he fusses with his image, the douchier he becomes. Oh, by the way, his new haircut resembles crop circles and it’s not unique, it’s stupid. The guy is just one giant toolshed and it’s sad that he’s oblivious to it.


Jon and Kate + H8

When TLC, known for its voyeuristic “reality” television, emerged with a new show in 2006, couch potatoes everywhere rejoiced. Jon and Kate Gosselin were just like you, and we had a great villain in Mady. But the fun, the laughter, the drinking games, screeched to a halt all too soon.