Author: Jeremy Nisen

Ed Piskor Talks Comics

Ed Piskor’s recently finished the online version of his 400+ page graphic novel, Wizzywig, which will soon be given the collected treatment by Top Shelf. Wizzywig is the story of Kevin Phenicle, aka “Boingthump,” a phone phreaker/hacker during the early days of high-tech computing who is sort of a pastiche of several real-life individuals.


The Curious Case of Don Julio 70

A review of Don Julio 70, created in honor of the 70th anniversary of the year that Don Julio González himself began making tequila. It’s presented as something of a “best of both worlds” tequila, merging characteristics of blanco and anejo all in one through a special filtering.


Fantasy DoubleFeature a Fine Appetizer

As an admitted fantasy nerd, and a big fan of Four Star Studio’s pevious “DoubleFeature’ books, I had high hopes for “Fantasy DoubleFeature.” It could be the case that the biggest downside to cheap-but-shorter comics that they leave you wanting more.