Infographic: Coffee Customs Around the World

Making Moka Pot Coffee

The coffee should gently flow, a nice steady trickle

Oh, coffee. How we love thee.

We received this very cool infographic from, entitled “Coffee Etiquette Around the World: Proper Ways to Enjoy This Popular Beverage in 8 Different Countries.”

While we’d generally submit that however you enjoy your coffee is up to you, we do believe in “best practices,” and there are a few of these foreign principles we wish would catch on in the USA. Case in point: the Italian custom of not ordering espresso to go. Espresso does not belong in paper, my friends. Of course, Italians, according to the infographic, believe that cappuccino should only be served pre-breakfast, which seems overly restrictive to us. A nice, super dry cap is sometimes what the afternoon is screaming for.

In any case, this is a nifty bit of coffee info-tainment. Enjoy!

Coffee Etiquette Around the World


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