Mrs. Taco and Her Awesomely Tragic Mugs

Last week in Vista, California (near Carlsbad) I experienced two post-holiday miracles, thanks to a mid-sized Mexican food joint called Mrs. Taco. And one unfortunately militating factor.

First, a delicious, indulgent, al pastor burrito with a kitchen sink-worth of other good stuff (the “Charger Supreme”)– all for only $6.50. Anywhere in San Francisco or Santa Barbara, this would have been a $9 burrito, seriously. It was the size of a small child.

Second, and apropos to this Web site, I procured the best mug I’ve encountered in a while. There were a handful of these Mrs. Taco mugs on top of the coffee machine at the drink service area. I asked the young man behind the counter if I might pay for one . . . and he just reached under the counter and gave me one. Gratis.

Check out the pic. Cheesy — love the cowgirl mouse — and recognizable and definitely of a specific area/memory. Everything a mug needs to have a ton of mugnitude. It’s at least a 9.1 on the scale. (Like the Richter scale, the mugnitude scale increases by a factor of 10 for every one-point increase). I LOVE this mug.

All the more tragic that after one wash on the top rack of my dishwasher, much of the graphic faded, and a small portion was removed entirely. Alas. I never dare drink from this mug, nor wash it, again. But as a keepsake, it’s in a sense diminished by the faded logo, but a treasure nonetheless.


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