Off the Racks: Summit City Comic Con, Season 2!

There are many reasons I love Summit City Comic Con. The first being it was my first con as a “writer” last year. Even more importantly (to Jeremy at least), it was the focus of my debut article here on Osmosis last year! This year it was once again put on by host Zack Kruse in beautiful Fort Wayne Indiana and I once again made the 3.5 hour trip to be there, June 18th.   Once again my friend/artist/pimp Bobgar Ornelas ( was with me all the way from California. He even invited a friend/enforcer, Lawrence Rosales to keep me chained to the table all day, slinging his comics. We all came together to celebrate the release of an anthology we all took part in for the 11 O’clock Comics messageboard community. We were just some of the 39 contributors who put together this 140 page anthology and if you’d like to know more please visit . It was a great con to debut an indie anthology and what a day it was.  Now, let me tell you about some of the good stuff I found!

When I was able to escape my oppressive overlords, I was able to find my way to the table of Matt Gross. Matt does a great Web comic called Caaats and as you could guess it is all about his cats and their adventures. However, also available from Matt was an oversized storybook/comic called “The Troll and the Giant.” Matt seemed to think this was old news, coming out all the way back in 2010, but I disagree. It is the story of a Hollywood “giant” and an Internet “troll” who come together in different ways over the latest superhero movie.

It is a fun, extremely satirical look, at the world of nerds. It is mostly large single illustrations, drawn and colored so well you don’t need sequential panels. Gross accomplishes all things well in this book and he is proof that artists do not need guys like me. I really loved the oversized format and at $4, this was a great find to me. Hit him up on

Not to far away, I again met someone that I met for the first time at last year’s Summit City, Dave Wachter. Unfortunately, it looked like I had bought up all of Dave’s amazing stuff last year. That was until he so skillfully pointed me towards his newest art book, “Curmudgeon–The Art of Dave Wachter.” Wachter is the artist on “That Hellbound train” from IDW and the amazing webcomic “The Guns of Shadow Valley. ”

I’ll be the first to admit, I do not have a lot of art books, nor do I seek them out, but one flip through this and I purchased right away.  It is 64 pages of his favorite and best commissioned pieces and is in oversized format (do you see a trend with me and oversized art?).  He brings so much life to each single image that I felt like there was a story there. From the most beautiful Spaceboy I have seen to a most bad-ass Thing playing cards, this book has so many great pieces. To top that off, He offered a sketch with the book on the back cover!!  Please visit to purchase or check out his other amazing works. Oh…and he did a piece for the above mentioned anthology, so there’s that ;)

So, I will keep it short and sweet this year. Overall, the con was so much fun. There really is a great scene in Indiana and we met a lot of great people. There are so many great items I did not get to mention, but hopefully I can get to those in another segment. I had an amazing time with Bob and Lawrence, despite the seven hours we drove that day. Like I have said before, to me these cons are less about selling product than they are meeting new people and hanging with friends. If you have a chance, go out, talk to the creators and make some connections. That’s really what these funny books are about.

Jon does a Web comic here on Osmosis called Apocalypse Meh, has a band called Anti-Hero (, does podcasts ( and ) , acts like an idiot for Fight Fire with Aurthur Films and frequently posts at His new co-created product, a baby, should be here any day now. God help us all.


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