Apocalypse Meh! Audio Commentary Track


Issue Two is being worked on — but here’s an audio track (mp3 file) with the story behind the story. Join writer Jon and artist Bobgar as they lead you through Apocalypse Meh! from start to finish. Either listen via the embedded player above, or download it here (hint — right-click and choose “save as”).

A note from Mr. Westhoff:
“Sorry A.M. fans. We have been very busy promoting this site and working on some other fun projects, so we have not posted a page in a while. Please stay tuned for issue 2, but in the meantime, we made a commentary to be played along as you read issue 1! We had fun making it and we hope it adds to your comic experience. Word to the wise, don’t record yourself when drinking.-JW”

A link to issue one, page one is HERE


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