Dollars and Nonsense: The Illegal Immigration Battle

I’ve always suspected that we the taxpayers spent countless millions of dollar each year on the so-called “battle against illegal immigration,” but after serving on a Federal Grand Jury recently in Oregon, all of my suspicions became loud and clear: yup we sure do.

In reality, the battle will never be won, and who could blame some illegal immigrant from Mexico for trying to make a home in the United States of the red white and blue? I only use Mexico as an example, as that is from where most of the illegal aliens hail. And who can blame them for trying to sneak into the U.S? No jobs down there that pay a nickel, the country is run by the drug cartels, and, unless you are in bed with them (the drug cartels, that is) you are not making any loot for the most part.

But I digress. Here is an example of our taxpayer bucks getting flushed down the john. The ICE guy (The agent from the U.S immigration and customs enforcement, ICE for short) tells us that if an illegal immigrant gets into no trouble with the law, they are basically here forever. His words, not mine—but if an alien were to get in trouble with the law and it is found he or she is here illegally, this is when the legal process begins. The illegal immigrant is detained, there is a research database that is looked into to prove his or her illegal status, and then while he or she is in the clink, there is a federal grand jury that hears the facts, then 99% of the time an indictment for deportation is handed down.

After the indictment gets handed down, the illegal immigrant is then deported back to his or her respective country. Many times the illegal is driven to a drop spot on the Mexican border, the ICE folks watch the deportee walk across the border, and it is documented . . . then, in many cases, the person who was just dropped off walks right back across the border that same night. Thus the entire expensive judicial process/cat-and-mouse game starts again, and we pay again and again times 10.

The system is broken, and needs to be fixed. How much longer can we afford to keep dumping millions of dollars a year on this ludicrous scheme that obviously is not working? Forever is too long.

We had one cat that had made his way from El Salvador eight times, and eight times the United States flew him back to his home country on the taxpayers’ back. I asked the ICE investigator if the immigrant had received frequent flyer miles. The chap from the U.S. district attorneys’ office did not appreciate my humor. But he did state, “YES MR. MAASS, WE KNOW FIGHTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS AN EXPENSIVE TASK.”

No duh Sherlock.


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