Mini-Comics Spotlight: Tales of Snoop Dogg

Sorry everyone, Bobgar has kept me chained in the basement writing for him, so it’s been a little while.

I picked up a comic at Chicago comics almost two months ago and everytime I think about writing an article, it comes to mind. I kept delaying it, thinking I would pick up something newer in the next trip. So, here I am again and the first thing that pops into my head is “Tales of Good ol’ Snoop Doggy Dogg” by J.T. Yost. I’m not going to say this is the greatest mini-comic I have read, but there has to be a reason it continues to come to mind right?

First off, the cover (shown above) grabbed me right away. Partly my recent love for the color brown, but mostly the humorous depiction of Snoop as Snoopy from Peanuts [tip to comic creators; an eye catching cover with a little color gets me most times]. Although what I expected was a farcical tale of Snoop as Charlie Brown’s best bud, what I found was different, but just as good. Two dreams and one “slice-of-life” tale await in the 12 pages inside, all revolving around the author and Snoop Dogg. The two “dreams” are purported to have happened around 2002 and they are both ridiculous and funny. I enjoy hearing about crazy dreams people have and it was fun to read about J.T. trampolining with Snoop and signing up for his college “class.” There’s also a short story involving a teenager acting out of character at a party, with Snoop’s music as the background. You get a great mixture in a relatively quick read.

The cartooning is great as well. The style is perfect and the expressions are great. He also has a great sense of how to add graytones to make it feel like color isn’t missing. A total package for $3!

I highly recommend this comic for fans of minis, fans looking to try a mini, and Snoop Dogg fans alike. There is a decent amount of buzz for this mini-comic, and I understand why. If I’ve peaked your interest, check out more at: .

CONVENTION ALERT: Bob and I will be at C2E2 in Webcomics alley March 18th-20th; also, I’ll be flying solo at Chicago Zinefest on March 26th–so come by and say hello. Check ya later.

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