Godiva Chocolate for Valentine’s? (Inebriant Edition)

Ah, Valentine’s Day, that most cloying of celebrations where people obsess about greeting cards, dead vegetation, and–the holiday’s one saving grace–chocolate.

We’re big fans of the stuff (albeit not so much the bacon-infused versions), our enthusiasm nearly approaching that we have for beverages. So naturally the half-sloshed cads here at OO decided to take a look at a chocolate spirit, probably the strongest in terms of brand recognition out there: Godiva.

We sampled both the straight-up chocolate and the chocolate/raspberry combo. Being that we prefer our spirits to be served straight up, or in traditional cocktails, we must admit being quite pleasantly surprised at the results, both in solo and cocktail form.

NOTE: While I would personally classify these as liqueurs (these are 30% alcohol, so definitely sugar added in there), these are classified by the manufacturer as “infused vodka”; Godiva has a completely different “liqueurs” line. These are a different animal.

Godiva Chocolate Infused Vodka

The straight-up chocolate version of the Godiva Infused offerings is the clear winner among the two. Chocolate liqueurs so often fail the “actually tasting like chocolate” test. This does not; the chocolate flavor is pretty spot on in chocolate flavor. Even better: it’s not super-duper sweet, which allows that good flavor to stand out and allows it to mix nicely as a cocktail ingredient, rather than overwhelming.

We tried it in a 20th Century Cocktail, as laid out by Ted Haigh in his wonderful book Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, except substituting the Godiva Chocolate-Infused Vokda for creme de cacao. It’s an unusual cocktail with a very bright flavor profile and a sort of ghostly echo of chocolate on the tail end; the Godiva helped create a nice version.

Casual experimentation of adding the Godiva to hot chocolate and coffee (to taste) proved pretty delightful as well.

Overall, we’d suggest that the chocolate version of the Godiva liqueurs is a nice component of or complement to your Valentine’s Day celebration. B+.

Godiva Chocolate Raspberry-Infused Vodka

We’ll cut to the chase on this one: it’s not nearly as good as its counterpart. The chocolate flavor gets muddled next to the slightly cloying, slightly too acidic raspberry flavor.

While we didn’t really enjoy the chocolate raspberry version by itself, it was pretty good in hot chocolate, where the chocolaty beverage helped put that raspberry into its proper place: as an accent.

If you’re a little more into “sweet” than we are, this may be good for you. Otherwise, skip the raspberry version and stick with the pain ol’ chocolate. C+.


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