NY Comic Con–Koslowski’s ‘King’ of Big Con

This month, Bobgar Ornelas sent me to the New York Comic Convention to sling copies of our book, Apocalypse… Meh. Which was cool, ’cause I kinda wanted to go anyways. I’ll give you a quick summary of my first time in New York and my first time at NYCC.

It was crowded! This is by far the busiest convention I have ever been to. There really was something for everyone, as NYCC was combined this year with the anime fest and had a huge section for media and TV. Shopping was plentiful, although I spent more time hounding people in artist’s alley than looking through long boxes and aisles this time around. There was a large and diverse amount of creators from all major and not-so-major publishers, so autograph and sketch fanatics looked to be satiated as well. For me the highlights were outside the con meeting up with so many good people I’ve met online or through other friends. NYCC is a great con, but as I get older it’s the after-hours that I enjoy the most. If anyone is reading these with any regularity, I’m sure they’re sick of my “old man-isms”, but I had to say it. Also, in NYC there are food carts where they serve you delicious “street-meat” every 20 feet, so what’s not to love? Like I said, something for everyone at NYCC and I would recommend it to anyone who likes diversity, excitement, and doesn’t mind convention traffic jams (mostly caused by cosplayers) at their comic conventions. Also, New York smells. Just sayin’.

Despite the huge crowds and everything else in NYC being over-priced, there were deals to be had. I picked up a great deal on three books at the Top Shelf booth and I would like to highlight one here. “The King” by Rich Koslowski is a 264-page black and white softcover (or limited-edition hardcover!!) that is about 5” x 7”, or manga sized. As you may have guessed, it is a story about an Elvis impersonator in the 2000s, but is he an impersonator after all? Much in the vein of the movie “Bubba Ho-Tep,” you’ll have to decide for yourself as the story engulfs you. It’s really more of a story about the group surrounding “Elvis” and the reporter he requests to cover his re-emergence in Las Vegas. You get a great amount of character development but it never drags. It draws the reader in with its mystery, but has just enough of a message and heart to seal the deal. The pacing is also impressive, and really adds to the story; many books tend to feel rushed and are shortened to save a buck. Koslowski does full duties on this book and he excels at both. His art could be described as “slice of life” with a “cartoony” emphasis. It could also be described as awesome. I really loved this book. To top it off, he was at the booth signing and was a very nice man, but maybe I was intoxicated on “street-meat” by that point. I was not familiar with his work before, but I am definitely following Koslowski now. I hope you will too.

Jon does a weekly Web comic here on Osmosis called Apocalypse Meh, has a band called Anti-Hero (www.myspace.com/antihero815), does two podcasts (www.earth2.podbean.com and www.thenabesociety.com ) , acts like an idiot for Fight Fire with Aurthur Film, and frequently posts at www.11oclockcomics.com. In addition to being bad at these things, he must be a really poor husband.


2 comments for “NY Comic Con–Koslowski’s ‘King’ of Big Con

  1. Bobgar Ornelas
    October 25, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    “old man-isms”? Welcome to the club. Glad you picked up The King, I was curious about it but not enough to buy.

    Also, you lost me at “street meat”.

  2. Stacy
    October 25, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    You almost make me want to pick up a comic…we should do comic con in LA so it wife and I can go to the beach

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