Month: October 2010

Scum of the Earth!

Ken reviews an oldie–an exploitation film about exploitation. ‘Scum of the Earth’ concerns sleazy men who trick young girls into posing naked for photos and then blackmails them to go further.


Seven Tips for a Successful Press Event

Increasingly, people are finding themselves representing their organization — or even their family — in front of the media. Even if your event isn’t televised on a national scale, there could be someone there capturing every moment of your announcement. Be ready.


Heeluxe’s Dr. Geoffrey Gray Brings Science to Foot Fashion

A doctor of physical therapy (DPT), Geoffrey Gray, spends most of his daytime hours at either the Elite Performance and Rehabilitation Center or the Peak Performance Project. But the UCSB alumnus has also made the time to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. He’s leveraged his expertise and passion for understanding the way the foot works to dismiss the notion that fashion and pain must be one in the same. Enter his company, Heeluxe, which makes inserts for women’s high-heeled shoes.