Off the Racks: Veggie Dog Saturn

Full disclosure: Bobgar Ornelas makes me sell his stuff at local shops in order to be his friend. So this week I stopped by Chicago Comics twice; I was there to check on some comics I had dropped off for consignment for myself and Bob.

So while I waited for the staff to tabulate Bob’s massive haul of cash, I browsed the indie section and Veggie Dog Saturn #4 by Jason Young caught my eye.

It has a really cool full color cover with a bunch of weird characters in a marching band. It didn’t turn out to be a weird and wacky as its cover, but hey it got me looking.

The content is short auto-bio stories about the author. It could be a byproduct of my current mid-life crisis, but I’m really enjoying these types of stories lately. This was no exception to that trend. They’re all stories about youth and growing up and my favorite was a story about Young lusting for his first swimsuit magazine. What person of the male persuasion can’t relate to that moment? He talks about the embarrassment of asking his mom and the store clerk giving him a hard time. It’s not vulgar, but a humorous story of a kid dreaming of swimsuit models and reaching the “self-love” stage of life. It also touches on unintentional racism in household items and growing up with older siblings.

All the stories were good. I say this far too often, but again the art is simple, in the style of many auto-bio pieces. It’s not bogged down in details and needless shading, but at the same time shows a competent artist. I will admit, when I did go back a week or so later and picked up #2, I wound up liking #4 a lot more. The second installment was a single story about Young driving a limo, but lacked some of the humor and youthful intrigue of issue #4. I did still enjoy it, though.  Both issues were a mere $2 and were about 16 pages each.  These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a better price on a comic. It’s nice to find a gem like this, where it’s truly about the craft and storytelling. I enjoyed his stories and recommend you pick up some for yourself.

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3 comments for “Off the Racks: Veggie Dog Saturn

  1. Bobgar Ornelas
    September 25, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Great Jon, tell the world that my love is conditional! I’m going to need to keep an eye out for Veggie Dog in my travels. Sounds right up my alley. Keep up the great work.

  2. September 26, 2010 at 8:11 am

    sorry Bob, the world needs to know of the abuse
    No more secrets!!

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