Why Is Legoland the Greatest Place Ever? Proof in Photos


Legoland California had been described as a great amusement park for kids, particularly young ones that may not be ready for Six Flags-style monster roller coasters and whatnot.

But Legoland is great across the board. For one thing, unlike the House of Mouse, it doesn’t feel like your pocket is being picked from the second you walk in the door. The pace, feel, and flow are much more relaxed than your average theme park. And, best of all, there are museum-style attractions galore. Everywhere you go, there are impressive Lego sculptures on display, from dinosaurs to busts of presidents to Star Wars characters. What we found especially noteworthy is how visiting the Miniland attractions — the cities in miniature, Lego style — have captured a certain, powerful resonance evoking the flavor of those cities.

San Francisco, L.A., D.C., Las Vegas, New York and more are wonderfully represented. Check them out for yourself, via the magic of photography:

Lego San Francisco

I left my teeny-tiny heart in San Francisco.

Lego Pier 39, San Francisco

Even the Lego versions of San Francisco locals shy away from tourist-haven Pier 39. But what of Lego Bushman?

Lego Cable Cars

Please, people, don’t call the cable cars “trolleys.” Not even the Lego versions.

Lego Land Golden Gate Bridge

Wow, look at the lack of traffic on the bridge.

Lego Mann's Chinese Theater

World’s most famous theater? We must be in Lego Hollywood.

Lego Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl, always entertaining.

Lego Griffith Park

Couldn’t get close enough to see if there’s a Lego James Dean, rebelling sans cause.

Statue of Liberty. Lego style

Bring us your huddled masses (of blocks), yearning to be constructed into small-scale Lego replicas.

Lego NY Skyline

The Manhattan skyline was rather breathtaking, even in miniature.

Lego Central Park Carousel

Does a tiny Phoebe reach for the brass ring while plastic Holden looks on? Seeing the tiny Central Park Carousel evoked Salinger in a surprisingly powerful way.

Vegas Welcome sign, Lego style

No stupid jokes related to tired ad campaigns, please.

Mirage Hotel and Casino in Legos

Wonder if Siegfried and Roy tickets are available?

Venitian Casino/Hotel in Legos

Ah, the Venetian. Wonder if they had to blow up a little Lego version of The Sands to make room for it?

The White House, in Legos

If this White House has a no-fly zone, it’s constantly being violated by all the giants walking around.

A Lego Washington Monument

World’s most notable phallic symbol, impressive at any size.

The Capitol Building in Legos

Ah, backroom deals, filibusters, politicians . . . where all the work in Washington really gets done, in a slightly more digestible form.


3 comments for “Why Is Legoland the Greatest Place Ever? Proof in Photos

  1. KT
    April 27, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    I want some of those little tiny trees for my house! :3

  2. April 28, 2010 at 11:53 am

    how do you stop yourself from trying to pick off a couple legos? are they glued together? it’s like bubble wrap — you HAVE TO pop.

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