KFC’s Double Down Unwrapped and Up Close

Once again, we tried it so you don’t have to. Part of a series where we’ve fluctuated between being less than pleased and pleasantly surprised.

Monday began the nationwide roll-out of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new sandwich, the KFC Double Down. The Double Down has been building buzz since last summer, when it was being tested in select markets, because of its unusual composition: the Double Down uses boneless pieces of fried chicken as the “bread,” while slices of bacon and cheese, plus a special sauce, are waiting in the middle.

With such a dubious nutritional value — 540 calories, 32g of fat (10 saturated), 1380 mg of sodium, and 190 mg of cholesterol — its only natural to wonder if it’s worth it. Fear not. In the interest of keeping readers informed, and saving concerned citizens from the caloric intake, Osmosis Online purchased and consumed one of these $4.99 vein-cloggers. (See the slideshow linked here)

THE EXPERIENCE: The pieces of chicken were a little less than crunchy, and more weirdly chewy, right on the edges and points — the parts where you’d expect it to be delightfully crisp.

It felt less greasy than anticipated, likely due to the handily provided paper holder. But it was only a little greasy on the lips; conversely, it wasn’t especially juicy, as one might expect from fried chicken.

It actually wasn’t hot either; the cheese wasn’t even melted. Speaking of that slice of white cheese … what is it, Swiss? Who knows; the non-distinct flavor gave no hints.

The bacon was definitely of the soggy, “you’ve grabbed the last piece at the breakfast buffet” type. Not at all crispy; flavor didn’t detract or distract, and was mildly noticeable. Overall, not helping.

The sauce was a little tangy but nondistinct. In fact, it was also overwhelmed by the “11 herbs and spices” that the Colonel’s fried chicken is known for (according to its own ad campaigns, anyway).

The flavor of the chicken, actually, was pretty good. Best part of the bestial sandwich, semi-sogginess and superfluous fillings aside.

THE RESULT: All in all, it was pretty much as expected, and matched admittedly low expectations. Don’t bother. Plus it’s been half a day and I still feel sick.

Look for this to join the McDLT and other former gimmicky favorites in the fast food graveyard soon enough.


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