Apocalypse Meh, a Web Comic: Episode 1

Editor’s note: We are very excited to present ‘Apocalypse Meh,’ a Web comic that combines horror, workplace malaise, and humor. By Jonathan Westhoff and Bobgar Ornelas. First two pages follow!

Work sucks. I think most of us can agree with that. Amidst having a midlife crisis about this, I decided to write a comic before I die. I put out a request for help and amongst the helpful people of www.11oclockcomics.com, Bob offered his services. We chose to do a story about, well, work sucking. That and demons and monsters and stuff. Enjoy. — Jonathan Westhoff

Apocalypse Meh (c) 2010 Jonathan Westhoff and Bobgar Ornelas, published with permission by Osmosis Online


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