‘Free’ Makes Everything Taste Better

Free Starbucks Coffee on Thursday

I’m very excited to share the news that Starbucks is giving away free coffee to people bringing in their own reusable travel mugs on April 15 (that’s Thursday . . . tax day!).

Yes, this is from a guy that just spent significant time writing a series on better alternatives to Starbucks in my hometown. But two bucks is two bucks, even thanks to SBUX, right? The pocket change I save today will allow me to splurge on an espresso drink at a local cafe brewing up locally roasted beans tomorrow. So I, for one, am applauding Starbucks.

The green giant is offering free coffee for those with reusable travel mugs for the stated good cause of “saving forests.” Evidently, a New York-based event inspired many people to use such travel mugs on a permanent basis (at least until they lose ’em), and this free coffee event is an effort to encourage people outside of the cultural capital of the universe to do the same. Undoubtedly, if enough customers were to switch over, it could save on some cup costs as well, hmmm? Nice when business initiatives and corporate responsibility can go hand in hand.


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