Real News for April Fool’s Day


Every day, companies and organizations announce new products, initiatives, innovations, and positions. With so much information zooming around the news networks, the Internet, and the blogosphere, there are enough odd or questionable stories that you don’t even need to make stuff up for April Fool’s Day.

Is swallowing one fluid ounce so hard? And here I thought sipping an espresso — taking a little time to enjoy the flavor of specialty coffee — was a pleasure. We’ve all been suckers. Here’s a “breathable espresso,” courtesy of Le Whif. “The Kick of Coffee Without the Cup,” they say, but evidently WITH some sort of aspirator. Which is sillier to consume in public, hmmm?

The chocolate version I almost understand — save calories, etc. But breathing your espresso? Just silly.

Whatever happened to focus groups for product names?Beanitos” is a new chip made from . . . beans. Duh. Corn free, combined with whole-grain rice or flax-seed, I’ll readily believe that the company behind them has concocted a reasonably delicious and healthy chip, especially as compared to all the crapola out there. But . . . Beanitos? Sounds too much like “Beano.” It’s bad enough these are made from legumes notorious for causing embarrassing bodily function; does the name have to make you think of what’s going to come out the other end before you’ve even eaten a chip?

Horses are people athletes too. Horses employed by members of the U.S. Polo Association are soon to be subject to “a pilot program for equine drugs and medications testing for its sanctioned events.” The U.S Equestrian Federation has been engaged to administer the program. Program rules include random testing that “will be conducted field-side after the game.” Frankly, after reading the press release, I’m more impressed with these guys than the equivalent programs in football, baseball, and basketball (i.e., the sports people care about).


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  1. MJ
    May 19, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Thanks for the post! We have actually made the chips without the side effects you normally get with eating beans, gas. Yep, that’s right, they are gas free! Now if you are not use to fiber in your diet, you are going to have a nice movement. As far as gas, you’ve got nothing to worry about! We hope that you will try them soon!

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