Scott Belcastro on Painting, Passion, Wood Paneling

Like I Used to Be

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Scott Belcastro’s paintings call to mind the beauty and starkness of nature, with a healthy dose of the fantastic thrown in for good measure. Currently based in Los Angeles, the artist’s works have been shown around the world.

Belcastro took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of our questions about his work, inspiration, and methodology. Find out more about Belcastro via his blog,, or his Web site,

Osmosis Online: Who or what inspired you to start painting? When did the light bulb go on and you thought, “I have to paint!”?

Scott Belcastro: I have always tried to ignore making art , I felt it was too hard on me. When I was a little younger, the thought of drawing and not being great was such an uncomfortable feeling. As I got older, I went in and out of periods where all I would do is draw or paint. I have quit jobs because I wanted to just sit and paint when I had to go to work, a lot of jobs!

As I got even older I kept going in and out of periods of working on art and taking a month or a year off to work a shitty job just because I thought I had to. Finally I said to myself “Fuck it” — I want to do this and I want to give it everything I have, even if I have to be homeless I will still find a place to paint, I will stay on couches and sleep in my truck, be alone, do it regardless of what I have to go through.

Fortunately I didn’t have to be homeless, but I would have. It’s at that point when I knew for sure that this is all I can do.

OO: Your paintings are done on wood panels. How did that come about? Did you start on canvas or did you just know that wood panels would best fit with your work?

Scott Belcastro:I started on canvas which I like but working on wood feels better to me, Its a lot smoother and works with what I am painting.

OO: Your titles are great and very poetic. Are they inspired by the paintings or vice-versa? Or do they come about separately but fit together to create a totally new meaning and atmosphere?

Scott Belcastro: The paintings inspire the titles. I have a book of painting and show titles that I keep. When I am in a writing mood or hear something I like I write it down.

OO: And finally, how do you see your work developing in the next few years?

Scott Belcastro:I don’t really know. its one of those things that follows your mood and mindset. I know I will be working on landscapes for a bit. I am able to say all the things I can’t say verbally using a brush and some acrylics; it’s such an innocent feeling.

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