Ghosts 1, by Matt Graves
All photos (c) Matt Graves, republished with permission

My original intention was to break the image down to its basic component of light and dark tones.

Ghosts 2, by Matt Graves

I wanted to see what forms could be formed from no distinguishable form. Abstraction heaped upon abstraction.

Ghosts 4, by Matt Graves

The idea being that through simplicity, ambiguity, and abstraction there was a feeling to be reached.

Ghosts 5, by Matt Graves

If you can transcend the obvious and the mundane, hopefully you can touch upon a common truth of the human experience.

Ghosts 6, by Matt Graves

The desire is that some part of this is communicated to the viewer and affects them like music affects the listener, like words affect the reader.

Ghosts 7, by Matt Graves

That is the beauty you always hope to achieve.


1 comment for “Ghosts

  1. Fleur du Mal
    December 3, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Great stuff. Very poignant. To me, your photos suggest both the unending awkwardness and fleshiness of our bodies and also our fragility. Ambiguity necessarily entails the quest of a search for meaning and truth, which must be the photographer’s mission.

    In any case, I’ve often thought the artist must be motivated by a passionate faith in the transcending signifcane of their work, against all the blind naysayers.
    Regretfully yours

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