Month: March 2010

Talking ‘Insane Coffee’ with Spro’s Jay Caragay

The menu at Spro Hampden for 'Friends and Family Night'. Photo courtesy Jay Caragay (

Spro Coffee has just opened in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. The establishment will be serving coffee in an unmatched array of methods. It’s the vision of proprietor, Jay Caragay, who’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur, as well as as a nuanced thinker with interesting views about where coffee is headed.


Scott Belcastro on Painting, Passion, Wood Paneling

Like I Used to Be

Scott Belcastro’s paintings call to mind the beauty and starkness of nature, with a healthy dose of the fantastic thrown in for good measure. Currently based in Los Angeles, the artist’s works have been shown around the world. Belcastro took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few of our questions


A Roundup of Silly, Ill-Conceived Mascots

In honor of Uncle O’Grimacey, my favorite stereotype-based mascot, I’d like to present a selection of other mascots, equally or more ill-conceived, albeit representing products that are significantly less interesting or delicious than a yearly visit from the Shamrock Shake.


Featured Artist: Photographer Jason Doiy

Blue Cross, by Jason Doiy

Photographer Jason Doiy shares some photos and chats with us about the life of a working photographer, being prepared for an opportunity to snap that magical image, and how a guy with his experience takes care of wedding photos . . . when the wedding’s his own.