McDonald’s Mac Snack Wrap: What’s the Flap?

McDonald's NewMac Snack Wrap

We resuscitate our We Try it So You Don’t Have To” series, to see if McDonald’s latest heart clogger conveyed via tortilla is worth your time . . . and worth the calories.

Ah, back to McDonald’s, as we’ve been before, such a rich vein for “trying stuff so you don’t have to.”

The Golden Arch-bearing giant, historically known for inventing new categories of fast food, is trying to serve its billions and billions literally any time of day with its clever “snack wrap” category. Being affordable (about $1.50), not too large a treat, and carrying the “snack” label surely contribute to a potential customer throwing caution to the wind and buying McDonald’s food beyond breakfast, lunch, dinner, and elevensies.

I’m still waiting for McDonald’s happy hour menu.

But I digress. The snack wrap line, comprising tortilla-wrapped chicken, some grilled, some breaded, slathered with various sauces, has proven profitable and popular enough that the company has now introduced its first beef offering: the Mac Snack Wrap.

Indeed, it’s pretty much a one-patty Big Mac shoved into a tortilla. The patty is broken in half, and you have the now-proverbial “special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions” . . . but no sesame-seed bun.

Like I said, you get it in a tortilla, a flour tortilla.

And, yeah, I tried one, so you don’t have to.

What’s it like? Hmmm. You ever raid your fridge at night, and find a bunch of great sandwich stuff and realize you have no bread, but for some reason you have a nice, stiff, starchy tortilla? It’s kind of like that, but substitute Big Mac innards for “great sandwich stuff.”

It’s less messy and has a bit of a cleaner mouth feel than the traditional Big Mac. I’m guessing it’s because that tortilla is kind of dense and almost overpowers the innards. Which, depending on your view of the traditional Big Mac, may be a good thing. It’s definitely less heavy and greasy than the traditional version of the Big Mac, reduced volume aside.

I would wager that fans of Big Macs that are also into that ’90s “wrap” craze still will dig this. For the health-conscious, I am not sure that a reduced portion is worth it. It’s 330 calories for this little guy versus 540 for the sandwich version, and it still has the fatty, low quality beef and the mayonnaise-laden “special sauce,” contributing a whopping 19 grams of fat and 690 grams of sodium (about 30% the daily recommended value for both).

Really, the Mac Snack wrap is okay, but nothing to go out of your way for. Maybe if you’re determined to eat while you drive, the tortilla form factor can contribute to your general safety and that of those around you. I’m guessing that frequent fast food consumer will dig it, as it offers a little variety that they can probably just tack onto their usual “number whatever, supersize.”

But, seriously, as a treat of some kind? Just get the real thing and don’t come back for a long time. Hate to say it, but McD’s was really onto something when they came up with that weird, soft, sugary triple-bun that the Big Mac is known for.



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