THE DECADE IN REVIEW: A list of lists to come

best of 2000s lists
Ten years and 10,000 lists.

The close of an era — such as this decade, the Aughts, the 00s or whatever the hell we’re calling it — leads to an irresistible temptation to reflect and rank. With the Internet, everyone now has the opportunity to do what only cultural critics and commentators were able to do in the past: Codify their favorites movies, songs, books, whatever into a treatise of their taste for anyone anywhere to digest.

I admit I love a good list and am eating up the plethora of enumerated opinions available out there. One of my favorites is the bonanza set forth at, a consensus of some of the country’s leading critics:

Metacritic’s best movies list

Metacritic’s best music list

What I love best is not looking back, though that is fun — remember the wondrous “Lord of the Rings” trilogy or “Hey Ya”?— but trying to discover new works that I hadn’t seen or heard. “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”? I still need to check that movie out. Animal Collective scored high in the music rankings, but I haven’t given them a good listen yet. From all these lists I can craft a nice, long one on what I missed this decade.

Of course, when it comes to what I did see or hear, I’m not immune to the list-making fever myself. I’ll roll out a new one each of the next three days (ed. note: assuming Mr. Powers’ lazy publisher indeed holds up his end of the bargain). Here’s what I have lined up:

Friday: Television
Saturday: Movies
Sunday: Music

I’m hoping it gives you a chance not only to look fondly back on 10 years of cultural highlights but also find a few titles you hadn’t heard about and are interested in checking out before we hit the next decade mark.


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