Featured Photo Gallery: Hawaii in B&W


Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the photos.
(All images (c) Matt Graves)

These are some images from a recent trip to Hawaii. Oahu to be specific. Hawaii is a tough place to take a bad picture. You have to really try, and trust me I tried…repeatedly! I wanted to stay away from the standard “post-card” images of Hawaii. Subconsciously I think I was largely influenced by one of my favorite photographers Brett Weston. It wasn’t until I got back from my trip that I was reminded that Weston spent a good part of the last decade of his life photographing Hawaii. When I looked up some of his images I realized I might have, just maybe only slightly, borrowed heavily from his playbook. Well, in my own meager way.

If you are interested in seeing more of these images they are posted at mgravesphotoblog.blogspot.com


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