Featured Artist: The Pom Poms


Cover art from the Pom Poms' previous album

Cover art from the Pom Poms' previous album

A bit of a personal note: I’ve long waited for the day that my friend and colleague Rob Kuznia would grace the virtual pages of Osmosis Online with a contribution. The man, after all, is a hell of a reporter. And seeing how his “mad skillz” are in demand by the likes of organizations with actual resoruces, namely Noozhawk and Hispanic Business, we’re guessing his inaugural OO articles may be a while coming. Good things, as they say, come to those who are patient.

Fortunately for OO and its readers, Mr. Kuznia’s talents extend far beyond writing/reporting. Without further ado, please allow us to present our latest Featured Artist — and our first musical one — the Pom Poms, a band comprising Kuznia (vocals and guitar), Edgar Oliveira (drums) and Shane McKillop (bass). All the tracks are off an as-yet unnamed pending album, which will be the group’s second.

For the track “Not Me,” Rob Taylor guests on guitar and Jeff Sparks on bass. It’s produced by Craig Costigan. The other two tracks are produced by Justin Dullum.

Download these tracks at your leisure, and feel free to send any feedback to editor@osmosis-online.com or leave a comment below.

08 Broken Peanuts (slow bit)

04 Steam (12-13-09)

07 Not Me — Craig 9-13-09


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