Coverville Cranking it up to 11 with Spinal Tap Tribute!


Brian Ibbott, host and producer of the popular podcast Coverville, got in touch with us today to tell us about a special show available on his site. As with most of Coverville’s cover-song-filled extravaganzas, this one’s free for download.

Ibbot, who spoke to us a few months ago on the business of being a podcaster, is honoring the 25th anniversary of ‘Spinal Tap’ with what he says is the first tribute album to that fictional band.

“Coverville spent the past 8 months assembling independent artists to complete a 13-track tribute album for the band, with artists like indie favorites Paul & Storm, Arrica Rose, John Dissed, Chance, Zapruder Point and Dogs Of Winter,” said Ibbott in a statement.

He indicated that some tracks would be performed in a “straight-ahead rock style,” while others would pay homage to the movie with humorous performances.

The album can be downloaded for free at:

“This Is Spinal Tap” is noteworthy in that the actors played all their own instruments, wrote their own songs, released two albums, and even toured. It’s also noteworthy in its popularity, humor, and groundbreaking milestone in the “mockumentary” genre, which Christopher Guest has continued to this day with films like ‘Waiting for Guffman.”


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