Return of the Mystery Bird


As America struggles to emerge from its tryptophanic turkey hangover, one more note on Thanksgiving.

Right before Osmosis Online’s launch, only a few moons ago, we temporarily populated the site with dummy entries, just to make sure the layout was satisfactory and everything was in a proper working order.

Rather than delete them all, I decided to keep one of the dummy posts, entitled ‘What the hell kind of bird is this?’, because I thought it had a cool photo. I’d taken it just the day before, right when said bird landed atop a palm tree in my front yard. I secretly hoped someday that someone with better bird skillz might actually answer the question, something I’d researched (albeit casually) to no avail.

Four months later, we have the answer — or, at least an answer. Commenter George Ford submits “That is a hooded oriole…” And, though he failed to provide documentation of his ornithology degree, we choose to believe him. Why not?

(Of course, we’ll take other guesses as they come).

Thank you Mr. Ford, and thank you contributors and readers for making this little “online magazine” a reality. That, from this end, is indeed something for which to be thankful.


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