A Thanksgiving Recipe for the American Spirit: Feed the Hungry

Help feed the hungry this Thanksgiving

Help feed the hungry this Thanksgiving

Usually I devote my piece of Osmosis real estate to setting right the political wrongs. Since this summer, I’ve written on the political landscape and what, where, and how the major issues are moving the country. But now that we’re upon the one holiday that unites us all, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss why Thanksgiving is more than just turkey day; but how it truly is the American Experience.

Since everyone knows the first grade version of the first Thanksgiving; I won’t ask my three [ed. note: more like five, Dogood] readers to waste their time revisiting that. Feel free to consult the History Channel (I’m pretty sure it’s on a running loop). Additionally, since there is very little that is political surrounding Thanksgiving—I’m taking the week off from politics. (Although I’m sure Fox News will claim that pardoning of the White House Turkey is just a demonstration of President Obama’s weakness and commitment to socialism.)

I’d like to take a few moments and invoke the spirit of our nation and honor what is most important above all else: friends, family, and sharing (not in that order). While you might be fighting your way across the country (and being horribly rude to dozens who stand in your way), or simply spending Thanksgiving with companions that enjoy your company, please remember that there are those out there that far less fortunate then yourself.

What is most interesting about this uniquely American holiday is that the American spirit of helping those who are less fortunate is celebrated. We’re not stopping to say what we’re thankful for, but instead showing that we care for our fellow person. Thanksgiving isn’t about turkeys, but rather about compassion for those who need a little help. So whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal; this is the time to show that you are human and care for others besides yourself.

In my years in government and politics, I’ve found no other organization that is more committed to upholding the true meaning of Thanksgiving then my local food bank (find your local food bank here). The food bank is non-partisan; does not discriminate; exists in every area; and serves one purpose: to help. It is not a church and does not misuse donations.

Local boy and girl scouts have probably bombarded you while entering into the markets this week for help in collecting food for your local food banks. I too, am the little kid in uniform asking you to remember before you stuff yourself on Thursday that you can afford a few dollars and allow some turkey for the less fortunate. After all isn’t that what this is all about?

To be straight and to the point: make it a Happy Thanksgiving for someone less fortunate, and please visit this site and donate directly to your local food bank this week.


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