Pessimists Winning War of Words with ‘Unfriend’-ly Victory

Unfriend is Word of the Year

In another stunning victory for the glass-half-empty crowd, the term “unfriend” has been named “Word of the Year” by the folks at Oxford University Press, the very gentlepeople that bring you the New Oxford American Dictionary

Rather than focusing on the enhanced relationship and communication terminology afforded by Facebook, MySpace, and the like, the Oxford people opted to run with the terminology for distancing yourself from others. Or, to be specific: “verb – To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.”

There are many positive social networking terms the group could have pointed out. Like these following, from Oxfords very own list of words considered: “Tweetup,” wherein followers of a certain Twitterer all get together to stare at their hand-held, social-media enabled devices in public, rather than by themselves at home. Or “Freemium,” a business model that can be used at least at the basic level for free — like all these Social Networks.

Don’t reward this nattering nabobs of negativity with your definition-seeking patronage. For this reason, we implore you to choose another lexicon as your source for looking up words and their proper use.

The nerve (noun: presumptuous audacity. Thanks, Merriam-Webster.)


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