Gavin Newsom Needs Help Picking a Logo?

Gavin Newsom's Potential Campaign Logos

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has taken to crowd-sourcing to pick a logo for his 2010 California gubernatorial campaign. His Web site is hosting what it refers to as a “Campaign Logo Contest,” with the top vote getter (trackable in real-time) earning the honor.

First reaction: Doesn’t this just smack of Katie Couric’s less-than-impressive transition to news anchor at CBS, when she asked the audience to help her pick her sign-off phrase? Ugh. I think the people of California would prefer that a governor be able to pick his owned damned signage.

Speaking of that signage: of the six, three of the logos have what I think is meant to be a sunrise motif. Of course, that could just as easily be interpreted as a sunSET motif, which doesn’t say good things about a candidate. So Newsom haters (like Prop. 8ers, or anyone that things Meg Whitman’s got a shot) might well jump into the mix and pick these, from my point of view, loser logos. The one where the “Newsom” is fading at the bottom is similarly mix-messaged.

Though it’s far too early to make definitive conclusion in the gubernatorial race, Newsom certainly has some things going for him. Former President Bill Clinton weighing in, picking Gavin as his guy, should certainly help here in the Golden State, both with hearts of voters and with fundraising efforts.

(Side note — did y’all see Willie Jeff working last week, when he announced he’s changed his position on gay marriage? Just in time to endorse Newsom, the man who had the cajones to make it legal? Took you long enough, Bill! Maybe he’d have appreciated the support when half the country was berating him, hmmmph?)

That weighty endorsement has not yet been factored into Rasmussen’s latest data, which recently indicated Former California Governor Jerry Brown was in the top spot versus any announced Republican contender, while Newsom would lose in any of the three scenarios versus Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner, and Tom Campbell.

We anxiously await the post-Clinton endorsement assessments of what seemed a lost cause for Gavin.

But, seriously — in initiating this “contest,” where there can be no winner, Mayor Newsom has perhaps just provided the rope with which he’ll hang. Seems one of the “sunsets” is indeed in the lead by a wide margin, as least of publication time.

Gavin, nobody denies you’re a stylish guy. I’m guessing voters want you to consider their political ideas and situations . . . I think we’d be okay if you picked your own window dressing.

Gavin Newsom, giving a speech. Photo by Jim Herd of

Gavin Newsom, giving a speech. Photo by Jim Herd of


3 comments for “Gavin Newsom Needs Help Picking a Logo?

  1. Mr. Silence Dogood
    October 8, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    While Mayor Newsom’s sole asset seems to be his “dreaming good looks (according to the ladies in my office),” you can hardly blame him for trying to build on President Obama’s campaign method of “public ownership.” That’s right, the Mayor is taking a play from the Obama ’08 campaign and trying to get those of us using computers to have a role in the campaign. Can you blame him, grassroots is back in (especially the grass part if you like his liberal mary-jane rules)

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