An Eye for the Macabre: Featured Artist Paula Burr

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of Paula Burr’s works.

Paula Burr’s often horror-inspired art can speak for itself — but she graciously answered a few questions anyway.

Osmosis Online: How would you define your style?

Paula Burr: I guess if I would have to define my style I would say that I have a desire to shoot something you could pull from a movie. I shoot unit stills on set for feature films, so my brain tends to want a practical environment to shoot in. I don’t really have a label for myself. I guess if you asked someone who knows me, they would tell you I love to shoot the darker more edgy ideas and the macabre. For me, I just shoot what interests me and that opens up the possibilities to capture many different styles.

OO: What draws you to your subject matter?

PB: People, places, ideas. I feel a connection to everything I shoot. I think photography is adventurous and it unlocks my inner child. Most of it will all come back to something I can relate to. More times than not though I catch myself thinking about where I would like slip away, then I add my little touch. I also get to meet the most talented, creative individuals out there. I want to create ideas that show all of our talents as artists. There is always room push my imagery further, and every time I get behind the lens, that is what I try to accomplish. Its also very competitive field, and I’m competitive. So I try to make my imagery stand out against the odds.

OO: What do you hope to communicate through your work?

If I could communicate something to anyone through my art, I would love to be able to provoke some kind of feeling. Love it or hate it, at least I got you thinking about it. I want to try and move art forward. I normally will push as far as I can to that edge. I may not be the one breaking the mold, but maybe I can be the inspiration to the next one who will. Its such a humbling experience to be able to create a piece of work that leaves a impression on someone. Its also a good feeling that people want more of it! So I will just keep on shooting and see where my next adventure leads me.

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