Featured Artist: Jayelle Hudson

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of Jayelle Hudson’s works.

Jayelle Hudson is an American-born artist, model, and photographer based in Brazil. While she’s showed stunning work as the subject of art (see her site for samples of those), we’re focusing today on her eclectic and interesting personal artistic output. We caught up with Jayelle for a few quick questions:

OO: Who has influenced you artistically?

JH: My influences stem from all sorts of trivial yet peculiar escapades during the course of my daily life. Anything from watering my plants to taking coffee with creme at the bakery can be encouraging.

OO: What medium do you work with and what is your process of creating a piece of work?

JH: Ink, paper, paint, text, adhesive, photography, graphite…I try not to limit the mediums I use and instead try to let the subject inspire the medium.

OO: What do you hope people take away from your work?

JH: Stories. I like to imagine that the people that see my work are inspired to dream up their own narratives.

To see more, be sure to check out http://jayellehudson.com



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